Winner of the first 2015 BRCC Weekly Draw announced…

2015 P1 1st Draw.jpg
The winner of the first 2015 BRCC Weekly Draw has been revealed, and the money goes to… Peter Cussons! Peter was the first keyfob drawn out of the pot on Saturday, and received £25. We’re still looking for a number of people to join the scheme, which will allow us to get to the target winning value of £50.

The Weekly Draw is a great way to support the Club, and have every chance of winning some money along the way!

It’s easier than ever to joi the scheme, as you can now pay by direct debit, which also reduces the cost by over 20% to £8.00 each month – that’s less than £2.00 / week! Simply complete the form HERE and return to Frank Taylor at to get involved. You can set up the direct debit yourself if you’d prefer – Just let Frank know when you’ve done this.

Alternatively, you can continue to pay by cash at last year’s rate of £2.50 / week, with a minimum sign up period of four draws (£10 in total.)

There’ll be another draw next Saturday, so get involved NOW to have a chance to win!

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